Vic Richards of Big Brute Motorcycles in Mississauga (Dixie Rd) was also a victim of Solicitor Gilmour and can tell his own story.

Leo or Leon Konski is a lawyer in Miami who represented one of the German AFG investors and Gilmour attempted to sell him my confidential legal files for $50,000 without my knowledge nor consent.  I found out at long after the fact.

Then I learned he did the same soliciting to a few Canadian AFG investors including Brian McWilliams of Etobicoke and another AFG victim named Epstein.

My wife heard many of our phone conversations because I got in the habit of using the speaker phone feature because if Bill was drinking he could be comical or threatening and always good for a surprise.

The sworn affidavits of witnesses Christopher Stone, Juan Pablo Sanchez, and Charles Arnold speak for themselves.

The exhibits, especially the last 5 prove that Gilmour perjured himself in Cuyahoga Court in his quest to steal our family home.


Witnesses Who Can Confirm Allegations…